18 Jul 2011

10 Places to Look for Mold and Mildew When Buying a Home

For many people, buying a home will be the single most expensive thing they purchase during their lifetimes. With that kind of expenditure, most people expect a home free of problems. That’s why it is critical to make sure your home inspector checks for mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can cause considerable damage and in places not easy to see. If not properly taken care of, mold and mildew can mean instant repair bills for new home owners.

Here are 10 places a home inspector (and potential home owner) should check for mold and mildew before closing on a new home.
• Basement
• Bathroom
• Attic
• Cold cellars
• Behind furniture that is directly against a wall for an extended period of time
• Surrounding areas of any plumbing
• Outside walls
• Ceiling
• Windows
• Storage areas

Luckily, if a homeowner does discover mold and mildew after purchasing the home, it can be treated with MoldOff®. MoldOff is an innovative product unsurpassed in mold removal and mildew stain removal. The product does not contain chlorine bleach and is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It can remove mold and mildew on hundreds of surfaces including, but not limited to, wood, vinyl, carpet, fiberglass, artificial turf, paint, canvas, cloth and in places like powerboats, sailboats, kayaks, tents, outdoor gear, bathrooms, carpets, clothes, basements, walls, kitchens, outdoor and indoor artificial flooring and roofs. The uses are unlimited, easy, and safe for you and the environment, and will cause no discoloring or deterioration.

Best of all, MoldOff is easy to use … just spray on the affected area and walk away. No scrubbing, no hard work. Just peace of mind.

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