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Stop Mold Cold on Windowsills

Mold can develop on any surface exposed to prolonged periods of moisture and warmth and this includes your windowsills. Cold air meeting your windows (which are warmer since your home is heated) condenses and runs down the window to pool on the sills. In addition, the sills tend to collect organic materials like dirt, dust,

Tips & Tricks: Preventing Mold in the Basement | Blog | Mold Off®

Preventing Mold in the Basement

Warm, damp places with plenty of organic material to feed on are ideal conditions for mold to grow. Basements, by definition, tend to be a little damp, simply because they are below ground.  However, there are some things you can do to prevent mold growth. First, control the humidity level in the basement. Humidity levels

Boat Owners Battle Mold | Marine Strength | Blog | Mold Off®

Boat Owners Battle Mold

Mix water, humidity, canvas, fabric and rope and you’ve got a recipe for mold. Why? Mold loves organic substances, all the better because organic stuff is their favorite food. That’s why boat owners fight a never ending battle against mold on their water craft, whether it is in the sails, the seats, in carpet, on