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Fall Leaves Spawn Mold Spores

Besides beautiful colors, fall brings two things — rain and mold spores. Those heavenly color displays as the leaves change are just the beginnings of a mold nightmare. When the leaves fall, they create a carpet on the damp ground. Deep in the protective layers mold growth starts immediately. The simple task of raking leaves

Tips & Tricks: Patios, Decks & Mold, Oh My! | Blog | Mold Off®

Patios, Decks & Mold, Oh My!

Mold spores are everywhere, particularly outdoors. In humid climates, those spores find purchase on brick, concrete, cement, slate and even on composite decking materials. They feed on dust and organic particles hidden in the crevices of the stone. Then they begin to break down the stone itself —a process that can eventually require extensive repairs