Artificial turf can be a magnet for mold! The blades of artificial turf are held upright by a silicon sand base. The base traps moisture and the grass provides shade, which are two main ingredients necessary for mold growth. Once mold gets a foothold in the sand, it begins to climb the grass blades. The roots penetrate into the blades and the mold feeds on the plastics. If you don’t take care of the problem immediately, the mold problem will only continue to grow and be harder to control.

Thankfully, there is a solution! Because it has a neutral pH balance and biodegrades it is an environmentally friendly option for tough mold problems. The product is safe for use around humans and pets and to use on fragile products like artificial turf, yet cleans better than the other harsh products on the market. It won’t cause any dangerous health issues and it is simple to use.

To remove mold from artificial turf, start by taking a broom brush off as much of the growth as possible (it is a good idea to wear a mask to protect your lungs when doing this). Then spray Commercial Strength Mold Off® on the affected surface and let it stand in the sun for 24 hours. You may need to repeat that procedure one more time. Then you should treat your artificial turf once every six months to prevent reoccurrence. Mold Off® is used by many artificial turf dealers around the world for cleaning and mold control.

Mold Off® is safe to use on hundreds of other surfaces like brick, boats, canvas, cloth, leather, marble, outdoor furniture, roofs, pool surrounds, sails, tile, wood, and much more.

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We made a big mistake by storing our foam mattresses in a moist area without a rubber cover. Consequently, a black mildew permeated nearly the whole thickness of the mattresses, some worse than others. Our first reaction was to discard the mattresses as we thought it was a hopeless problem. Just to be sure there was no solution to the mildew problem, we went to the internet. Somehow, we found Mold Off® which we thought should be used empirically before we threw the mattresses out. So we purchased a gallon of Mold Off® and sprayed it on one mattress, lathered it in and let it soak. Then, we sprayed it again and used a thick cotton towel to absorb the excess fluid. We were surprised to see the black color gradually disappear. Some of the stubborn stains we sprayed a third time and rubbed the stains with towels which removed most of the discoloration. What shocked us the most were the unbelievable final results! The foam mattresses remained firm and free of mildew for months and months to this day! We cannot thank the producers of Mold Off® enough for the great outcome.

- Judith & Franklin, New Hampshire