Devour Plus

Eliminate Odors at the Source

Don’t just mask odors, Remove stains and eliminate them at the source and with Devour Plus. The product is fantastic for removal of pet stains, urine smells, coffee, tea and wine stains and more. Just pour it on and let it stand for a while for complete stain removal and odor control.

How it Works

Devour Plus has an advanced biological formula stain remover that consumes the spill or stain and leaves a clean, fresh scent. It attacks stains and smells at the source, leaving no residues that linger … just water and carbon dioxide. It is fast, simple and safe to use around children, pets and plants. Use this stain remover on any washable fabric or surface. Immediate odor control, and biotechnology degrades and eliminates the targeted odorous compounds. The naturally occurring microbes in Devour Plus break down the organic compounds that cause odors into benign, odorless compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.

Typical Applications Include

  • Pet stain removal
  • Coffee stain removal
  • Milk spills
  • Wine spills
  • Children’s bowel accidents (Daycare)
  • Any odor/stain containing proteins (organic)

How to Use

1. Devour Plus cleans and deodorizes on its own. It does the work, so you don’t have to do a lot of scrubbing.

2. For most spills including beverages, pet stains, and other wet spills, first blot the excess fluid, then pour Devour Plus over the problem area and allow to stand.

3. Devour Plus will actually cover a larger area than what is visible on carpet as the liquid may have spread on the pad beneath.

4. Cover the spill with a moist towel. This encourages the growth of the active ingredients that are devouring the odor and eliminating the stain.

Commercial Use

Devour Plus is extremely useful in controlling odors and removing stains in public places. In fact, municipalities all across the country are using Devour Plus Concentrate in public restrooms to control unpleasant smells. It is strong enough to handle the large amount of traffic such places receive, plus it’s eco-friendly and contains no harsh chemicals. The product breaks down into natural components leaving a fresh scent behind, making it the perfect solution for commercial use.


“I read about Devour Plus while ordering MoldOff and thought that I would give it a try. This product lived up to its claims and more, I had several stains on my beige carpet some were pet stains and one was from a strawberry drink that my granddaughter had spilled. I tried other products on each of these stains including Nature’s Miracle nothing helped and finally gave up. I followed the instructions for Devour and it totally has taken all of the stains out. I am now sold on this product along with MoldOff. ”
– C Mortimer, ND

“My name is Vicki and I tried the product Devour Plus. I had a rental home. The renters used one of the rooms for their dog. The urine odor was so strong that I couldn’t go near that room. I tried everything to get the smell out, including tearing out the flooring. The smell was in the concrete, I finally got some Devour Plus and it worked. The odor is gone. Thank you Grawood Enterprises. ” – Vicki, CA

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