Frequently Asked Questions About MoldOff and Devour Plus

1. Is MoldOff safe around kids and pets?
Yes, surfaces that have been treated with MoldOff are safe for kids and pets, MoldOff is neutral pH and will not burn skin or cause rash just rinse with water.

2. Does MoldOff discolor the surface it is used on?
No, MoldOff has been tested on virtually every surface imaginable without any discoloring.

3. In what way is MoldOff environmentally friendly?
MoldOff is biodegradable meaning within certain period of time depending on the conditions MoldOff breaks down not harming the ground or surface it has been applied to.

4. What types of surfaces can MoldOff be used on?
MoldOff can be used on almost any surface – Eisenglass is the only surface that is recommended to not use on.

5. Does MoldOff really require no scrubbing?
In most cases, surfaces that are being treated with MoldOff require no scrubbing. In severe cases or surfaces where mold has been present for an extended period of time, we recommend light scrubbing with soft bristled brush, in some case more than one application may be needed.

6. How much MoldOff do I need to use?
For one treatment 1 quart of MoldOff will cover 150-250 square feet.

7. Are “mold” and “mildew” the same thing?
Mold and mildew are terms in general to describe growths of fungi on various surfaces. In common usage the difference is in the appearance and the surfaces on which they are growing. Mildew is lighter, powdery and gray or white, while mold is often thicker with colors of black, green, red or blue. Both often grown in moist and warm locations.

8. Does bleach kill mold?
No, bleach does not kill mold. Click here for more information.

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