The hurricane season is upon us. Heavy rains, damaging winds, high coastal waters, flooding — all can cause damage to your property, both indoors and outdoors. With that much water and humidity, you can bet mold will flourish.

Mold is extremely hardy and can grow in temperatures between 40F and 100F. That means that after a storm, unless the temperatures drop below 40F, mold is going to grow. This is particularly true if your home has been damaged by flood waters because indoor temperatures are ideal for mold to flourish. In addition, wet patios, patio furniture, decks, brickwork and concrete — places that trap and hold organic material — are some of mold’s favorite places to spawn.

If fall storms do damage your home or business and water gets inside, speed is of the utmost importance. Mold can begin to grow within 24 hours given moist and warm conditions and a food source. So it is critical to be prepared before the storm and then to act before the mold can gain a foothold.

Here are some guidelines to follow to help you mitigate mold growth in your home or business:

Dry It Quick!

It is imperative to nip mold and mildew in the bud. After major flooding of a home or any property, you should take immediate steps to dry the exposed area as quickly as possible. There are many means in which to do this:

  •  Combined use of a water pumps and dehumidifiers
  • Exposure to fresh moving air is very useful tool, so fans are a great help
  • Removal of mud, dirt and debris is critical because mold feeds off of organic material and any debris would speed up the process of mold growth.
  • If left alone especially in high moisture areas mold spores that travel through the air and deposit on most surfaces can devastate a home, recreation vehicles, boats, automobiles, surrounding structures, businesses and even the outdoor environment we are accustomed to living in. Not only can storms cause initial damage, but the devastation continues with the after effects of mold growth.

Get Rid of It!

Once you spot mold in or around your home, business, vehicle or boat, the sooner you get rid of it the easier it will be to destroy. Mold Off® is a powerful, effective and eco-friendly tool to help you remove mold and mildew from dozens of surfaces. Formulated for the marine industry, Mold Off® is unsurpassed for mold control, and it is also highly effective and cleaning mildew stains … without scrubbing. Best of all, it is easy to use. Simply spray on, let sit for a few hours and wipe off. In most cases Mold Off® will remove mold and mildew stains in one application within 24-48 hours and it works on pretty much any surface without discoloration or damage.

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