Moisture can enter a build either as a liquid or a gas (water vapor). In liquid form, it can come from bathrooms, kitchens, laundry facilities and by way of leaks and spills. Indoor pools, saunas, Jacuzzis are notorious for sending tiny droplets into the air.

Water vapor can be caused by the evaporation from regular sources like bathrooms and kitchen, and even from the air exhaled by the people in the building. In addition, humid outdoor air can find a million ways to creep into a building. It infiltrates through the building materials, around windows and doors, through penetrations in the roof, every time the door is opened and closed, through the air filtration system, and through pipes and sewer lines (if improperly blocked) to name just a few.

Once inside a building, water vapor will condense on the coolest spot. This often explains why mold only grows in one particular spot on the wall or ceiling.

Sealing off the air leaks and controlling the humidity in your home or place of business is the first step in preventing mold and mildrew growth.

However, as experts will tell you, it is nearly impossible to remove all mold spores from the air. So even with all the precautions, mold can still sneak up on you.

Mold Off® is an innovative product unsurpassed in mold and mildew stain removal and works incredibly well on hundreds of surfaces. It contains no chlorine bleach and is environmentally friendly and biodegradable so it is safe for the environment, as well as for pets and children. Mold Off® is easy to use … just spray on the affected area and walk away. With little or no scrubbing necessary, there’s no hard work, just peace of mind.

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I own a yacht detailing company in Seattle, where mold and mildew thrive because of all the rain we get, and after using many other mildew removers and cleaners in the past, we finally discovered Mold Off® several years ago and that’s all we use now. Other mildew cleaners with bleach in them are too strong and can actually do damage over time, but Mold Off® is mild enough to leave on canvas or other materials without needing to rinse it off while it does its job removing the mildew and keeping it from coming back. My whole detailing crew is equipped with Mold Off® and it’s the only mold and mildew product we use anymore. I highly recommend it if you want clean canvas free of mildew!

- Natalie Sears (Deckhand Detailing)