How to Use Devour Plus

Easy to use, do it yourself odor relief is the Devour Plus promise. Just saturate the material involved so that Devour Plus can completely penetrate and reach urine, milk,vomit or what have you as deep as the material may have penetrated, then leave it to work. No scrubbing or rinsing is needed just allow the Devour Plus to dry naturally. Devour Plus will continue to eat the source of your odor and stain as long as it stays wet and food remains. Do not accelerate the drying or use in conjunction with any disinfectants that will slow down the Devour Plus microbes.

The power of live bacteria will help you remove:

  • Spilled milk in your car, stain and odor in a sofa or rug, milk spill on car seat, ice cream spill, leak from milk bottle on car rug, sour milk odors from vomit or baby formula, spoiled milk from cooking, or from a leaking bottle will be easily eliminated.
  • Pet odor, cat urine, urine stains in carpet, dog urine, pet feces or vomit, any pet urine accident in your house, car or sofa removed for good.
  • Eliminate bad bathroom smells from urine, feces, vomit or sewer backups.
  • Human urine, feces or vomit, urine in sick rooms or incontinence situation you can now safely remove at home.
  • Kitchen or restaurants where food spills, a milk leak, milk byproducts, or a milk spill that left a unpleasant rancid sour odor.
  • Animal clinics where the stink from cat, dog or other pet urine and feces odors, a milk spill, spilled or leaked pet formula and other odors from where milk leaked and requires a cure.
  • Cars, trucks or RV’s where a food spill, spilled milk stains on the rug or seats or pet urine problems have caused a bad odor.
  • Transportation agencies where dog, cat or other animal accidents present urine, feces, vomit or other animal odors need removal.
  • Cribs, clothes, beds and blankets or other baby areas where spilled, leaked and spoiled milk, drink spills, urine, feces, vomit or other sour odors are difficult to remove and permanently eliminate with home remedies.
  • Schools and cafeterias where urine in bathrooms or a food spill or a leaky drink spill has left bad smells or stains.
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