How To Use

MoldOff is a great time saver. Other products will have you scrubbing and scrubbing … MoldOff will do the job just by spraying the area. Spray it on and walk away for a few hours, then come back and wipe down the area. Our clients tell us that one application generally does the trick, but for troublesome mold, spray MoldOff again on the affected area and let it do the work for you.

Don’t believe us? Listen to what our customers are saying!

“After three years of struggling to get rid of a mould problem on my boat, I finally came across MoldOff. It does exactly what it says on the bottle. It’s so easy to use … just spray it on leave it on 24 hours and wipe off its that simple with no nasty smells or odours. My boat’s white upholstery is now like new thanks to mold off! Thanks from one happy customer!” – Paul S. UK

“Your product is absolutely phenomenal. We use it on everything…awnings, paver decks, driveways, outdoor texilene chairs, hammock, you name it, we use it and it works…this stuff if great! Patience is required as it does take some time for the enzymes to start working. It took a couple days to see the difference on our 26′ awning; one morning we looked out and all the mold was just gone…no elbow grease required! The mold between deck pavers started to react to Moldoff within hours, going from black, to beige, to white and then by day two, it was powder. The texilene chairs miraculously went from brown back to teal in a couple days…all this without any scrubbing…We love this product! Thanks for putting such a wonderful product on the market!” – Linda Lee and Jim Weber. and -Kimberly Lopez

“Thought I would drop you a line and let you know how well your product is working. As you may recall, I live here in Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. Well, about two years ago I treated the roof of my house with mold off. It looks just as good as the day I first sprayed Mold Off and that has been almost TWO years ago. I have used Jomax in the past have ended up usually re-doing the roof after about a year. This is truly a great product. Feel free to give my email address anyone that may have doubts. Thank for a great product!” -Tom Disanto Panama City, Florida

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