As the summer comes to a close, most of us will put our boats, marine equipment, RVs and campers in dry-dock or think about storing them until summer rolls around again. To prevent an unwanted surprise next spring, you should treat everything – every single surface of your marine and recreational equipment – with a mold prevention product.

Mold can grow on virtually any surface of your boat, RV, camper and equipment and, if not dealt with, can cause massive damage that can be irreversible. Even surfaces that say they are resistant to mold may grow mold due to the fact that it can survive on a thin film of dirt or other organic material. This can happen in any season, whether the boat is in the water or dry-docked for the winter months.

Affected marine surfaces can include:

  • vinyl
  • cloth
  • headliners
  • leather
  • fiberglass
  • stainless steel
  • canvas
  • sails
  • seats
  • and many other surfaces

Affected RV and camper surfaces can include:

  • refrigerator/freezer
  • shower/toilet/bathroom surfaces
  • cloth and carpet
  • seating and bedding
  • vinyl and metal exterior
  • canvas tenting
  • countertops

Luckily, there is MoldOff to help with winter storage! MoldOff is a green, eco-friendly, pH neutral and biodegradable mold removal product. The product is safe to humans and pets yet cleans better than the other harsh products on the market, and it won’t cause any dangerous health issues.
MoldOff can be used on all boat surfaces without marring the finish. The best time to use MoldOff is during the day in the sun. Just spray it on and walk away. Leave on overnight and clean off with a damp cloth the following day. Spray on another coat to retard growth and do not wipe off.

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Thanks for delivering your product two weeks ago. We sprayed the affected area in the artificial grass before leaving town. Upon our return, the spray had cleaned all the fungi. Two new locations have started growth and I have sprayed them this morning. I would like to order more product so I have it on hand for the future for this and other uses. Thanks for your help and product.

- Don