Mold grows in schools when airborne mold spores land in damp, warm places. Fall is an ideal time for mold spores to be tracked in as kids hit the playground, shuffle through the fall leaves, and return to their classrooms. Bathrooms, kitchens, vent pipes, near water fountains, behind drywall or wall coverings, in ceilings, around windows and near sprinkler systems are idea places for mold growth. When mold grows in school buildings, staff and students, particularly those with allergies, may have health problems.

The key is to managing mold is by controlling the moisture. It is impossible to stop the airborne spores from entering, but you can help prevent their growth. Maintenance personnel should be constantly on the lookout for moisture and leaks and repair the problems immediately. Clean and dry damp or wet building materials and furnishings within 24-48 hours of a leak or spill to prevent mold growth. Keep a constant eye on plumbing and water fountains to prevent leaks and condensation. In addition, the relative indoor humidity should be between 30 and 50%, which means bathrooms, locker rooms and other moisture generating areas should be well ventilated.

Despite all precautions, mold is tenacious, so when it does develop, and it probably will, destroy it at the roots with Mold Off®! Mold Off® is a powerful, effective and eco-friendly tool to help you remove mold and mildew from dozens of surfaces. Simply spray on, let sit for a few hours and wipe off. In most cases Mold Off® will remove mold and mildew stains in one application within 24-48 hours. Because Mold Off® is eco-friendly, it is safe to use around children, so it is ideal for use in schools. And since Mold Off® destroys mold at the roots, it is unlikely the mold will return, making it an economical, safe and effective method for dealing with mold!

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I bought a gallon bottle of your concentrate for use around our lake house. I was amazed at the effectiveness of the product. I had a bad mold situation on our pontoon boat carpeting. I soaked the carpet and let it dry. Once dry I used a stiff bristle brush to loosen up the residue and then vacuumed up the loose residue. The carpeting stayed mold free for over a year. I also used your product on some green mold on vinyl siding on the north side of our house. I just sprayed it on with a pump style garden sprayer and let it sit. I had to do nothing else. The green mold disappeared. That was 2 years ago and it is about time for me to do it again. I have found that your product also works extremely well on our wooden deck and surrounding cement pavers. I want to thank you for developing such a great product.

- D. Santucci