During the winter of months, plenty of moisture can be tracked onto your indoor/outdoor carpeting

As people come in from the snow and rain, its natural they’ll wipe their feet on your welcome matt. Along with the damp, they’ll also track in mold spores. And once in a warm environment, the mold spores hiding in that damp, warm carpet can grow into a real problem.

Take a proactive stance by using Mold Off® — an eco-friendly solution to stopping and even preventing carpet mold. It’s safe for people and pets, it is biodegradable and attacks mold at the roots to destroy it completely. It’s also safe to use on indoor and outdoor carpeting, as well as dozens of other surfaces.

Mold Off®is also an economical way to treat any mold problem. You can save money and eliminate other cleaning products from your home that may be toxic to you and harmful to the environment. And unlike other products that have you scrubbing and scrubbing, all you have to do with Mold Off® is spray it on and walk away.

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I am a volunteer at the Easter Seals Camp for special needs children. Many of the cabins sit empty over the winter and mold and mildew build up by Spring. I used Mold Off® to eliminate the problem and it has worked better than anything else we’ve ever tried. We used Mold Off® on badly stained pontoon boat seats and they look like new. It’s a great product.

- PKP, Bloomington, IL