After a summer of rain, heat and humidity, it is possible that your deck has developed mold, especially in those spots that tend to be in the shade. Whether your deck is made of wood or composite, there are plenty of nooks and crannies where mold can easily take root and spread.

In addition, wood offers plenty of biomass on which mold can feed. While mold outdoors is a natural and even beneficial part of the ecosystem, it is not all that attractive on your decking. In addition, left untended, you’ll be replacing that decking frequently since mold destroys the surfaces where it lives and then begins eating the layers underneath. So before winter sets in, it’s a good idea to remove the mold and help prevent its slow growth over the winter months.

To help remove the summer’s mold growth and winterize your deck, there is a simple solution. Mold Off® is a green, eco-friendly, pH neutral and biodegradable mold removal product that destroys mold at the source and helps prevent reoccurrence. The product is safe for most surfaces including wood and won’t discolor wood or composite material. It removes mold better than the other harsh products on the market, and it won’t cause any dangerous health issues

Mold Off® is simple to use. Just spray it on and walk away, then brush the decking down with a damp cloth, mop or brush. Then spray a light layer but do not remove. This will help prevent or retard mold growth during the damp winter months.

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I own a yacht detailing company in Seattle, where mold and mildew thrive because of all the rain we get, and after using many other mildew removers and cleaners in the past, we finally discovered Mold Off® several years ago and that’s all we use now. Other mildew cleaners with bleach in them are too strong and can actually do damage over time, but Mold Off® is mild enough to leave on canvas or other materials without needing to rinse it off while it does its job removing the mildew and keeping it from coming back. My whole detailing crew is equipped with Mold Off® and it’s the only mold and mildew product we use anymore. I highly recommend it if you want clean canvas free of mildew!

- Natalie Sears (Deckhand Detailing)