06 Jun 2012

Mold Resistant Building Materials

Because mold and the mycotoxins they produce can cause so many health problems, more and more mold resistant building materials are appearing on the market.

  • Mold Resistant Woods — have been treated with anti-mold chemical. Incidentally, these products also tend to keep termites away.
  • Mold Resistant Insulation — has been treated with a fungicide that prevent mold from taking hold.
  • Mold Resistant Drywall and Drywall Tape — has a fiberglass facing instead of the traditional paper facing. The fiberglass removes the organic surface and mold feeds only on organic materials.
  • Mold Resistant Paints — contain fungicides to discourage the growth of mold on the paint surface.
  • Mold Resistant Carpet — are made from acrylic or Olefin fibers that resist mold growth.
  • Mold Resistant Shower Pan — of all the places in your home, the shower is the most likely place for mold to grow. Many people are turning to mold resistant shower pans to help curb the growth of mold.

However, even the Environmental Protection Agency admits it is impossible to get rid of all mold. If a

mold problem develops, the mold must be removed at its source. MoldOff is an innovative product unsurpassed in mold and mildew stain removal and works incredibly well any surface inside and outside your home — from clothing to carpet, stone to tile and much more. It contains no chlorine bleach, is environmentally friendly and biodegradable so it is safe for the environment, as well as for pets and children. MoldOff destroys mold at the roots, preventing reoccurance.


One Response to Mold Resistant Building Materials
  1. I have two mold issues: One, my attic has black mold due to excess moisture and we are in the process of remediating that issue. How would you recommend I use MoldOff for remove the mold in my attic. Two, I have a synthetic putting green that has mold issues. The green does not get much sun unfortunately. Living in WI, how would you recommend I use MoldOff for the putting green and what does the temperature need to be in order for it to be effective. Thanks


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