Leading manufacturer of mold removal products provides special offer to flooding victims.

PHOENIX, AZ – September 6, 2011—Grawood Enterprises, the nation’s leading manufacturer of eco-friendly mold and mildew removal products like Mold Off® and Devour Plus, has recently announced a special offer to those victimized by hurricane Irene. Mold Off® biodegradable formula which contains NO bleach has safely helped hundreds of flooding victims in recent years effectively remove mold while preventing its return. In addition, those along the East Coast who may be facing additional flooding are advised to use Mold Off® to pre-treat exposed materials to prevent the formation of future mold.

Special Offer

In an effort to assist families, homes and businesses affected by the spring flooding, Grawood Enterprises, the makers of Mold Off®, are offering a special discount. Order 1 gallon or more of Mold Off® and receive $10.00 off your order. Simply call 1-623-434-6536 and mention the promotional code 12IRENE to receive your discount. A company representative will return your call and your order will be shipped with 24 hours. This limited time offer is good through October 6, 2011.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tropical storms cause massive damage all around the world every year. Unfortunately, the damage does not stop when the water subsides. After the devastating hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the CDC reported 46% of homes had visible mold growth in them. Mold spores can grow as fast as 24 to 48 hours after exposure to water, so you must act quickly to protect your property.

Dry It Quick!

It is imperative to nip mold and mildew in the bud. After major flooding of a home or any property, you should take immediate steps to dry the exposed area as quickly as possible. There are many means in which to do this:

  • Combined use of a water pumps and dehumidifiers
  • Exposure to fresh moving air is very useful tool, so fans are a great help
  • Removal of mud, dirt and debris is critical because mold feeds off of organic material and any debris would speed up the process of mold growth.

If left alone especially in high moisture areas mold spores that travel through the air and deposit on most surfaces can devastate a home, recreation vehicles, boats, automobiles, surrounding structures, businesses and even the outdoor environment we are accustomed to living in. Not only can storms cause initial damage, but the devastation continues with the after effects of mold growth.

Get Rid of It!

Once you spot mold in or around your home, business, vehicle or boat, the sooner you get rid of it the easier it will be to destroy. Mold Off® is a powerful, effective and eco-friendly tool to help you remove mold and mildew from dozens of surfaces. Formulated for the marine industry, Mold Off® is unsurpassed for mold control, and it is also highly effective and cleaning mildew stains … without scrubbing. Best of all, it is easy to use. Simply spray on, let sit for a few hours and wipe off. In most cases Mold Off® will remove mold and mildew stains in one application within 24-48 hours and it works on the following surfaces:

  • Artificial turf
  • Asphalt
  • Astroturf
  • Awnings
  • Blinds
  • Boats
  • Bricks
  • Canvas
  • Cloth
  • Concrete
  • Decks
  • Driveways
  • Fiberglass boats
  • Golf greens
  • Leather
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Outdoor/indoor carpet
  • Patios
  • Patio furniture
  •  Patio umbrellas
  • Planter pots
  • Painted surfaces
  • Pool surrounds
  • Roofs
  • Sails
  • Tarps
  • Tennis courts
  • Teak
  • Tents
  • Textured finishes
  • Tiles
  • Vinyl
  • Vehicles and RVs
  • Wood

Prevent It!

Mold Off® is useful in not only eliminating mold and mildew but is also very effective in preventing its return. It is a safe and eco-friendly way to help make your already difficult situation just a little bit better and to help prevent future growth.

For More Information on Mold or Mold Problems

Just visit www.moldoff.com and learn more about treating mold problems in commercial buildings and homes, in RVs and vehicles, in boats, outdoors and more!

ABOUT the Grawood Enterprises Grawood Enterprises, based in Phoenix, Arizona, was founded in 2007 by two friends with one product … MoldOff. Since then, other products have evolved and been added to the line of safe, effective cleaning solutions. Grawood is headed by remaining founder Butch Graham and his wife, Carlotta.

Our Mission: Grawood is dedicated to finding eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are easy to use, safe for the environment, and really work.

Our Vision: To be a leader in providing safe products for the environment.

For additional information, please call 623-434-6536 or visit http://www.MoldOff.com

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We came home after a holiday away to find our 102 year old restored Victorian Home flooded; the result of a hot-water pipe breaking in the 2nd floor restroom, that had run for 3 days-non stop. While our insurance covered $5,000 towards mold removal, our estimates ranged from $50,000 – 55,000 to save our home…(and this was just for mold removal!) This was where we stood to lose our home even before re-construction and gutting began. We first got a thorough report from an environmentalist giving step by step remediation work-orders. Wall by wall directions were given as to removal, air scrubbing, equipment, ventilation, and outlined protective gear (masks-head to toe protection, basically). I called to ask about the effectiveness of Mold Off® on such a large scale project and ordered 4 gallons as we began our quest to save our home. Following the environmentalists instructions and using Mold Off®; following up with inspections to insure that we were indeed mold-free… we did it! I will never be able to thank my son and son in laws and husband and friends enough. Armed with Mold Off® we saved our dream home.

- Happy Customer