03 Dec 2012

MoldOff Works on Blinds

Did you know that windows sweat? When the inside temperature is warmer than the outdoor temperature, moisture condenses on the windows. If you have your blinds closed, that moisture can transfer easily. Moisture, organic material (like wood, vinyl or cloth) and warmth are all the ingredients mold needs to get a foothold. If the blinds never dry out, they are a perfect environment for mold growth.

Many clients tell us MoldOff works great to remove mold on blinds, whether they are cloth, wood or vinyl. Simply spray MoldOff on the affected area and leave it sit. Then gently wipe down the blinds.

MoldOff is specially formulated not to cause damage or discoloration, so it is safe to use on nearly all surfaces. In addition, it is eco-friendly and safe to use around children and pets. It contains no harsh chemicals so your room won’t end up smelling like a chemical factory. Best of all, MoldOff destroys mold at the roots, rather than just removing surface growth, so one application should help retard new growth.


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