01 Jul 2013

Prevent Mold on Swimming Pool Equipment and Outdoor Furniture

During the summer months, kids and adults are in and out of the swimming pool constantly. Wet bodies land on outdoor furniture, constantly soaking the outdoor fabric of cushions and seating. Dampness and organic substances — those are two vital ingredients for the growth of mold — and the fibers of outdoor furniture and padding are one of the best places it can hide. In addition, the crannies and crinkles in pool toys, floatation devices and other pool equipment also make ideal breeding grounds for mold. Even surfaces that say they are resistant to mold may grow mold due to the fact that it can survive on a thin film of dirt or other organic material.

You can prevent mold on swimming pool toys and outdoor furniture by simply spraying the equipment with MoldOff after you use and before storing it. A gentle mist will prevent the growth of mold and since MoldOff is biodegradable, eco-friendly and uses no harsh chemicals, it is safe for use around kids, pets and swimming pools.

If mold does develop on pool equipment and outdoor furniture, MoldOff is an effective and easy way to remove it since it safe for use on almost any type of surface, including cloth, carpet, vinyl, fiberglass, wood and masonry. MoldOff doesn’t just remove surface mold, but destroys it at the roots!


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