Warm, damp places with plenty of organic material to feed on are ideal conditions for mold to grow.

Basements, by definition, tend to be a little damp, simply because they are below ground.  However, there are some things you can do to prevent mold growth.

First, control the humidity level in the basement. Humidity levels over 45% offer mold ideal conditions in which to grow. To maintain a level of 45% of lower, use a good dehumidifier.

Second, think smart storage. The best way to prevent mold growth is to allow air to circulate and dry any condensation or moisture. The first step is to eliminate clutter. Yep, it is time to grow through all that stuff. Weed it out, throw it out, donate it, use it up!

Remove clothing, paper and furnishings to some other storage area in your home. Fabrics and paper are two of molds favorite food sources, so eliminate the temptation.

Then move your storage shelves, cabinets, etc. a couple inches out from the wall so air can circulate behind your storage solutions.

Third, check your basement for water leaks frequently. Have leaks repaired immediately and then make sure your basement is clean and dry after the leak.

Last, apply a light coating of Mold Off® to any surface you think might be attacked by mold. Do not wipe off, but let it sit. Mold Off® helps prevent the growth of mold and is safe of nearly every surface including wood, metal, stone, fabrics, paint and more.

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I live in a very humid environment. I purchased a very expensive suit-jacket and slacks. Went to put on the jacket and thought I had paint spots on the edge, but found out from the cleaners that it was mold/mildew. They treated it and it was back in two weeks. I tried a number of products to resolve the problem. Then I found your product on-line and sprayed a small amount on the jacket and prayed. Next day, it was totally gone, but back in smaller amounts a few weeks later. Sprayed it again – the bonus was the product smells fresh, not horrid! It went away and has not come back. I still spray that one pocket every 3-4 months just in case. It is black, by the way, and no color problems at all from your product. I also sprayed the walls of my closet three times, a week apart, and no more black spots.

- Dene