11 Oct 2010

Remove Holiday Stains and Odors

We all do plenty of entertaining during the holidays. And something always gets spilled at a party … wine, coffee or food. When it falls onto a carpeted surface, these tough stains are hard to remove, and the odor tends to linger. It is also the time of year when pet-owners over-indulge their favorite pals. And then their pals have accidents on the carpet or furniture.

Luckily, there is Devour Plus to get rid of those unwanted stains and odors. Devour Plus has an advanced biological formula stain remover that consumes the spill or stain and leaves a clean, fresh scent. It attacks stains and smells at the source, leaving no residues that linger … just water and carbon dioxide. It is fast, simple and safe to use around children, pets and plants. Use this stain remover on any washable fabric or surface. Devour Plus provides immediate odor control, and the biotechnology degrades and eliminates the targeted odorous compounds.

So if your guests or your pets have accidents, there’s a quick, safe and effective way to get rid of the odor and stains … simply use Devour Plus. Just saturate the material involved so that Devour Plus can completely penetrate and reach stains/odor (urine, wine, coffee, or any organic source). Work the product as deep into the material as possible, then leave it to work. There is no scrubbing or rinsing needed … just allow the Devour Plus to dry naturally. It will continue to eat the source of your odor and stain as long as it stays wet and food remains. Do not accelerate the drying or use in conjunction with any disinfectants that will slow down the Devour Plus microbes.


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