Heat and humidity are two necessary ingredients to the growth of mold and mildew. That makes most bathrooms the number one spot in the home for mold growth, and the shower curtain tops the list!

Most people use some type of plastic liner top protect the rest of the bathroom from splash. The plastic liner offers mold all kinds of microscopic cracks and crannies where it can get a foothold. Using bleach to destroy the mold not only causes harsh fumes and leaves nasty chemical residues, but it also doesn’t work to get rid of the mold permanently. Bleach removes the visible mold, but the roots remain hidden in the plastic just waiting to grow again.

So what is the solution? Well, you can buy a new liner every time you get mold, or try harsh chemicals that cause as many health problems as you are trying to prevent, OR you can find a product like Mold Off®, that removes mold and mildew at the source. Mold Off® is a green, eco-friendly, pH neutral and biodegradable mold removal product. The product is safe to humans and pets yet cleans better than the other harsh products on the market, and it won’t cause any dangerous health issues.

Best of all, Mold Off® doesn’t require a lot of hard work. Just spray it on the shower curtain and walk away. Mold Off® will do the work for you!

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Recently a friend borrowed a dressy cotton tee shirt for a recruiting event she attended in search of employment. I am somewhat embarrassed to share with you that when she returned the shirt to me, it reeked of the most offensive worst body odor I have ever smelled in my life! I washed the shirt several times and even soaked it overnight in white vinegar (a ‘treatment” alleged to remove body odor from fabrics), to no avail – I could smell the odor through the vinegar.  No matter how hard I tried to rid the shirt of her perspiration odor, it would not go away….until, in a last ditch effort to return my favorite tee to my wardrobe, I tried Devour Plus. I wet the shirt and saturated Devour Plus everywhere under the arm pit area of the shirt. To my unexpected surprise, after laundering the shirt the next day to remove the product, it now smells fresh, as well as TOTALLY and COMPLETELY rid of her perspiration odor! This result was so amazing that you may want to share this information with others. I have never experienced any product accomplish what Devour Plus did in the laundry product arena. Thank you for restoring my favorite tee shirt to my wardrobe! I truly thought it was a “gone-er.”

- Tracy