A study by Professor Jeffrey Morrell, Dept. of Wood Science, Oregon State University, found that bleach doesn’t eliminate surface micro flora. To put it simply, it doesn’t kill the roots of the mold, only bleaches it away so we think it has been taken care of. So not only is bleach ineffective on mold and mildew, but the fumes are both harmful to humans and to the environment.

If you’d like additional information, here are some websites you can visit…

This website of certified toxic mold inspection company confirms that “Chlorine Bleach is NOT Recommended for Mold Remediation.”

Using chlorine bleaches indoors generates chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which may be carcinogenic. Household bleaches also causes numerous accidental poisonings in children.

Click here to download a pdf file on Safer Cleaning Products from the Washington Toxics Coalition.

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