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Humidity Causes Mold To Grow

Too much humidity in your home or place of business can cause excessive moisture to collect on windows and other cold surfaces during the winter months. During the summer month, humidity can pretty much get into everything if your home. Damp areas are ideal growing spots for mold. Since mold feeds on any organic material,

Tips & Tricks: Patios, Decks & Mold, Oh My! | Blog | Mold Off®

Patios, Decks & Mold, Oh My!

Mold spores are everywhere, particularly outdoors. In humid climates, those spores find purchase on brick, concrete, cement, slate and even on composite decking materials. They feed on dust and organic particles hidden in the crevices of the stone. Then they begin to break down the stone itself —a process that can eventually require extensive repairs

Tips & Tricks: Mold Resistant Building Materials | Blog | Mold Off®

Mold Resistant Building Materials

Because mold produces harmful mycotoxins that can cause health problems, more and more mold resistant building materials are appearing on the market. Mold Resistant Woods — have been treated with anti-mold chemical. Incidentally, these products also tend to keep termites away. Mold Resistant Insulation — has been treated with a fungicide that prevent mold from