You’ve just finished a fantastic camping weekend. You break down the tent and head home. A month or so later, when you set your tent up on the next trip, you discover the tent canvas or material has developed a nasty case of mold and mildew. Unless you are camping someplace with absolutely no moisture, which is extremely unlikely, it is a good bet that your tent (and other camping gear) will develop mold.

Rain, dew, humidity and even your breathing can cause moisture to condense on the walls of your tent, but most especially on the floor of the tent. Once you roll the tent up, the warmth, darkness and dampness makes an ideal environment for mold to grow. Of course, one way to prevent this is to open your tent at home and let it dry thoroughly before putting it away again.

However, even that may not be enough to prevent the growth of mold. That’s when you need a product like Mold Off® — a green, eco-friendly, pH neutral and biodegradable mold removal product that destroys mold at the source. The product is safe to humans and pets and to fragile tent canvas or materials, yet cleans better than the other harsh products on the market, and it won’t cause any dangerous health issues. Mold Off® is simple to use. Just spray it on the tent and walk away. Mold Off® will do the work for you.

Mold Off® is safe to use on hundreds of surfaces, including all of your other camping equipment like backpacks, sleeping bags, clothing and more.

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We made a big mistake by storing our foam mattresses in a moist area without a rubber cover. Consequently, a black mildew permeated nearly the whole thickness of the mattresses, some worse than others. Our first reaction was to discard the mattresses as we thought it was a hopeless problem. Just to be sure there was no solution to the mildew problem, we went to the internet. Somehow, we found Mold Off® which we thought should be used empirically before we threw the mattresses out. So we purchased a gallon of Mold Off® and sprayed it on one mattress, lathered it in and let it soak. Then, we sprayed it again and used a thick cotton towel to absorb the excess fluid. We were surprised to see the black color gradually disappear. Some of the stubborn stains we sprayed a third time and rubbed the stains with towels which removed most of the discoloration. What shocked us the most were the unbelievable final results! The foam mattresses remained firm and free of mildew for months and months to this day! We cannot thank the producers of Mold Off® enough for the great outcome.

- Judith & Franklin, New Hampshire