Water in your home is an invitation for mold to move in and grow. Water can enter your home from dozens of locations. It can seep through basement floors or along cracks in the foundation. It can leak through roofs and around doors and windows. Broken or leaking plumbing in bathrooms and kitchens is a frequent source to water. Even cooking  and bathing can put moisture in the air.

There are many ways to control moisture in your home, but here are the top 10 methods:

  • Fix leaks and seepage from plumbing immediately.
  • Make sure your landscaping slopes away from the house to channel water away from the foundation.
  • Adding gutters to your roof to channel water away from the house may also help prevent water in the basement.
  • Use exhaust fans (connected to the outside, not your attic) in bathrooms and kitchens to remove moisture.
  • Vent dryers to the outside.
  • Use humidifiers and air conditioners to help control moisture in your home. Humidity levels should be between 30-60% inside your home.
  • Insulate windows, storm doors, chimney and other place where cold air can condense.
  • Evaporative coolers that are used in the Southwest to cool homes can cause moisture buildup and encourage the growth of mold. Check your ducts frequently.
  • Air conditioners can cool air too quickly, which means they run for a shorter time and remove less moisture from the air. Turn the air conditioning up a little if your home seems moist.
  • Increase air circulation by using fans and removing furniture from walls and corner to promote air movement.

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I am not sure that Mold Off® has ever been used to combat such a large-scale mold home-remediation project as this, as we took off lathe and plaster, ceilings… working from all angles. The question became, How much sweat equity are you willing to invest to make it happen? It cost us the $5,000 to have our contractor help us remove lathe and plaster – and to remediate some asbestos the environmental inspector had found – but the Mold Off® and safety / ventilation equipment was a minor investment compared to the estimates for the job to be contracted out. It has now been a year since our initial water-disaster, but our home is mold free, thanks to your product and advice. Thank you for giving our home back to us.

- Mold Off® Customer