Nature puts on a spectacular show every Fall as the leaves turn gold, crimson, orange, russet and everything in between. However, as those leaves fall to the ground, they begin to decompose and develop a leaf mold, especially in wet climates. Cold temperatures cause the mold to become dormant right up until you track those leaves into your home. Within 24 hours the mold spores swell and begin to disperse throughout your home.

The welcome mat just inside the door is an ideal environment for mold to flourish. Rain and dampness are tracked in constantly, and the environment is now warm and moist, an ideal environment for mold to flourish. In addition, feet track in all sorts of soil, dirt and bacteria, which are mold’s natural food sources.

Happily, there are ways you can help prevent mold from growing.

  1. Most carpet-type mats can be put in the washing machine and during the Fall, they should be washed and dried frequently to remove mold spores, dampness and the dust and dirt that mold feeds on.
  2. If you cannot wash the mat in the washing machines, use extremely hot water and soap to remove as much of the grime and spores as possible (both the front and the back of the mat).
  3. Dry door mats immediately if they get wet.
  4.  Mop the floor under door mats to remove dirt, dust and spores.

Last but not least, spray Mold Off® on surfaces most likely to grow mold. Mold Off® is a green, eco-friendly, pH neutral and biodegradable mold removal product that destroys mold at the source. The product is safe for most surfaces including tile, wood and carpet fibers, yet cleans better than the other harsh products on the market, and it won’t cause any dangerous health issues. Mold Off® is simple to use. Just spray it on and walk away. Mold Off® will do the work for you.

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My wife found Mold Off® (she doesn’t remember how) when I was in Afghanistan and she checked on my truck and found it full of mold – we live in Florida, on the coast, and even on a good day we have high humidity. My wife sprayed the mold in the truck and she was delightfully surprised with the positive results. Since then we have had occasions to let friends use Mold Off® and all have been happy with the results. I called you yesterday to order refills for us and to order some for a friend. He asked me to check their car and condo and I found the interior of their car coated with mold and a small amount in one place in their home. I used the Mold Off® I had remaining: my friend asked that I also order two bottles for him. My wife and I along with our friends are sold on Mold Off®.

- CWP; New Smyrna Beach, FL