Mold Off® is an eco-friendly, green mold product that removes mold completely and is safe for the environment. But what makes a product green?

That’s a tough subject, particularly since we often end up trying to weigh questions like the resource extraction costs versus the environmental impact costs. And there are dozens of different ways a product can be green. It can be made with salvaged, recycled or agricultural waste content. It can be made in ways that conserve natural resources. A product can be highly durable reducing the need for frequent replacement or maintenance. It can be created with rapidly renewable resources, like bamboo. It can reduce toxic emissions. And some materials provide a better alternative to products that have toxic elements or by-products.

It is that last category in which Mold Off® truly shines. The product was created to have little or no environmental impact. It is pH neutral and biodegradable, is safe to humans and pets, and yet cleans better than the other harsh products on the market. Specifically, Mold Off®:

  • Is biodegradable (that means is breaks down rapidly without harming the environment)
  • Contains no chlorine or bleach (which means no harsh fumes or dangerous chemicals)
  • Removes mildew stains without little or no scrubbing (no hard work for you)
  • Tackles tough mold and mildew, both indoors and outdoors
  • Is safe on nearly any surface, including cloth, canvas, wood, paint, plastic, stone, metal and more
  • Will not discolor the surface it is applied to
  • Retards future growth on treated areas (unlike bleach which only kills surface mold, MoldOff destroys it at the roots, preventing reoccurance)

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- E.W.