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Preventing Mold in the Basement

Basements, by definition, tend to be a little damp, simply because they are below ground. Warm, damp places with plenty of organic material to feed on are ideal condition for mold to grow. However, there are some things you can do to prevent mold growth. First, control the humidity level in the basement. Humidity levels

Tips & Tricks: MoldOff® Works on Blinds | Blog | MoldOff®

MoldOff® Works on Blinds

Did you know that windows sweat? When the inside temperature is warmer than the outdoor temperature, moisture condenses on the windows. If you have your blinds closed, that moisture can transfer easily. Moisture, organic material (like wood, vinyl or cloth) and warmth are all the ingredients mold needs to get a foothold. If the blinds

Tips & Tricks: Stay Away From Bleach | Blog | MoldOff®

Stay Away From Bleach

A study by Professor Jeffrey Morrell, Dept. of Wood Science, Oregon State University, found that bleach doesn’t eliminate surface micro flora. To put it simply, it doesn’t kill the roots of the mold, only bleaches it away so we think it has been taken care of. So not only is bleach ineffective on mold and